‘Classic Vinyl Sunday’ begins this weekend at the Twisted Pepper with Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’

The Wall album cover

The Wall album cover

A new music monthly music series entitled ‘Classic Vinyl Sunday’ will celebrate its inaugural show at the Twisted Pepper this Sunday evening, November 30th.

A new event aimed at music and record lovers, ‘Classic Vinyl Sunday’ will highlight a number of classic albums over the coming months, starting this Sunday at 5pm with Pink Floyd Seminal 1979 double album The Wall (which will celebrate its 30th anniversary on the same date).

Speaking about the concept of ‘Classic Vinyl Sunday’, co-organizer Mark Whelan, explains; “The digital era has done a lot for music discovery and choice, but it’s been at the expense of sound quality. MP3s and other digital audio files are compressed into oblivion and are a far cry from how the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Neil Young intended for their music to be heard. Even Steve Jobs himself preferred to listen to vinyl over his own iTunes library!”.

One of Pink Floyd’s most ambitious albums, The Wall was a landmark in rock music and the concept album sub-genre. Big, bold and theatrical, the record has endured as singular piece that still carries with it the same acclaim that greeted it three decades ago.

Featuring several of Pink Floyd’s most recognizable tracks including ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)’ and the classic ‘Comfortably Numb’, The Wall is the perfect choice to start the ‘Classic Vinyl Sunday’ series.

Admission to this month’s ‘Classic Vinyl Sunday’ at the Twisted Pepper on November 30th is €10 and will include a free 3FE coffee or glass of wine. Tickets are on sale via

Doors are at 5pm, for more information visit the event’s Facebook page.

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