Listen | Paul Noonan’s duets with Amy Van Den Broek on ‘Hole In Her Heart’

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Paul Noonan’s latest solo project Printer Clips have released a new single ‘Hole In Her Heart’ in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

Featuring all the elegant beauty that you’d come to expect from Noonan, and more specifically his new duet driven songwriting with Printer Clips, ‘Hole In The Heart’ works as deftly woven song that merges Noonan and his wife Amy Van Den Broek’s voices together with the backdrop of swelling strings and softly performed guitar.

Released in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, Paul Noonan explains his very personal reason for writing the song:

“When our little girl Aislinn was nine days old we took her to Crumlin hospital as she had been in pain and in distress for long enough, and we didn’t know what else to do. Turns out she had a bad intestinal infection, and there she stayed for three weeks, in the aptly named Nazareth ward.

One of the tests at the time showed that she has a hole in her heart – I remember staring at the screen, watching the tiny hole open and close with her heartbeat, winking at me…

We were really taken aback by the love and tender care she received in Crumlin, and would like to do something for them in return.

So, I’ve written a song called Hole in Her Heart, and recorded it with Aislinn’s mama Amy.

We’d like to put it out there to raise some money and possibly more importantly awareness of the fact that Crumlin still needs our help in taking care of our kids when they get sick”.

Hole In Her Heart can be purchased as a very special Christmas gift card via & and is available now on iTunes.

Click below to listen to ‘Hole In Her Heart’ by Paul Noonan & Amy Van Den Broek. 

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