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Jennifer Evans – Colours of Bruises

Jennifer Evans has unveiled the music video for her latest single ‘Colours of Bruises’. 

A beautifully and atmospherically shot visual accompaniment to the jolting rhythm of Evan’s new single, the video fixates on entanglements, restriction of movement and woven imagery through intently held cinematography, stunningly crafted set design and Jennifer Evans & Emily Aoibheann’s captivating central performances.

Surrounded by the stylish set design and passive camera work the duo’s physical twists and turns perfectly translate the quick changing rhythms and intertwining nature of ‘Colours of Bruises’ with precise fluid movement.

An evocative visual interpretation that matches the singular style of the music, the video for ‘Colours of Bruises’ finds Jennifer Evans and the crew coming together to create something that feels crafted and thought out.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Colours of Bruises’ taken from Jennifer Evan’s new album Works From The Dip & Foul out on November 14th.

Concept, music: Jennifer Evans
Artistic direction: Dasniya Sommer, Jennifer Evans
Performance: Jennifer Evans, Emily Aoibheann
DP, grip, light, edit: Valquire Veljkovic
Choreography, rope installation: Dasniya Sommer
Technical rope and performance assistant: Frances d’Ath
2nd camera: Nata Failde
Set and decoration assistant: Isabel Simões
Filmed March 2014 at Alte Kantine, Berlin. Thanks to Alte Kantine, Alexis Vokos, Camille Boostrom, Adrien Merigeau, Anna Fiedler & Michelle Baard

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