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Peter Doran – Whelan’s upstairs

Peter Doran

Peter Doran celebrated the release of his new album Outlines with a show in Whelan’s upstairs venue last Friday night.

Coming onto the stage after a scene setting support set from singer-songwriter Sive, Peter Doran and his band provided a marathon performance that took in past favorites and a full run through his new album Outlines.

With the Dublin crowd bustling and captivated by the performers distinct style and voice, Doran and band weaved their intricately performed sound around those in attendance from the beginning.

Indeed, what was most impressive about the show was how deftly the musicians recreated the alternative-folk/country tone of the recordings, as Doran’s talented backing band supported the songwriter’s performance from start to finish.

Beautifully captivating renditions of ‘Moon’ and ‘Bright White Hearts’ captured the atmosphere and warm sound of the recordings while also giving them an added dimension through the group’s palpable interplay.

As the set continued, so too did the charm of the performance brought forward by Peter Doran’s connect to the crowd and storytelling introductions that gave a unique insight to the artist’s latest L.P., including one scenario where Doran told the audience about reinterpreting a drunken demo of ‘Tug’ recorded on his phone.

A live set that more than matched the sound and mood of the record it looked the launch, Peter Doran’s show in Whelan’s last week was, much like the artist himself, a subtle example of crafted musicianship.

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