Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s October playlist

A new feature to the Last Mixed Tape, here we look back at some of the stand-out tracks released or reviewed on T.L.M.T this October.

Taken from a month filled with exciting new E.P’s, albums, singles and demos October’s playlist contains a myriad of great indie music including tracks from September Girls, Jet Setter, Daäg Hur, Talos, Jape, Columbia Mills, Buffalo Sunn, Liza Flume and more.

Listen to the The Last Mixed Tape’s September playlist below.

Track Listing:
1. September Girls – Veneer
2. Rebecca Collins – The Climb
3. Daäg Hur – Hanging On The Sea
4. Columbia Mills – Never Gonna Look At You The Same
5. Talos – Bloom
6. Liza Flume – Sleepless Nights
7. Jape – The Heart’s Desire
8. Shookrah – WOMAN
9. Buffalo Sunn – Ocean
10. Cold Comfort – When Love Grew Wild
11. Brigid Power-Ryce – I Told You The Truth
12. Silences – Sister Snow
13. Staring At Lakes – Consanguinea
14. Women’s Christmas – Summer Born, Winter Bred
15. Jet Setter – Dippin’ Toes
16. Half of Me – 99
17. Participant – Shelter
18. Riot Tapes – Cardinal Rules

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