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Rachel Ries – Ghost (live)

Alternative-folk artist Rachel Ries is the latest musician to appear as part of the live in Unit-1 studios series.

Performing her track ‘Ghost’, Rachel Ries’ talent as a songwriter shines through the reverb soaked ambience of the recording as voice carries across all the expressionistic turns of phrase conveyed in the song’s deftly structured lyrics.

Caught in the mirrored visuals and isolated darkness illuminated by warm shafts of light Rachel Ries performance is filmed subtly, as the camera work allows the turbulent dynamic ebb and flow of the music to dictate the flow of the imagery.

A performance driven by dynamic emotional lifts, Rachel Ries moves from atmospheric moments of repose to sharper more pointed passages supported by the artist’s beautifully tempered vocal.

A truly affecting and enchanting performance, Rachel Ries rendition of ‘Ghost’ is the perfect encapsulation of the entire ethos behind the Unit-1 series of showcasing unique artists in a creatively welcoming environment.

Click above to watch Rachel Ries perform ‘Ghost’ live at Unit-1 studios in Dublin. Click here to watch other videos from the series.

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