VANN MUSIC – Gold & Silver

Dublin based electro-pop act Vann Music have released their new music video for the single ‘Gold & Silver’.

Directed by Greg Corcoran, the video for ‘Silver & Gold’ commits fully to the highly stylized production of the music.

Mirroring this sound with flashes of impactful lightning design, beautifully crafted make-up and striking cinematography, Corcoran uses these attention grabbing images to further play into glistening, large-scale sound of ‘Silver & Gold’.

Playing with the frantically held pace of the single, Corcoran and his team present a suitably bombastic visual feast to match Vann Music’s latest release.

‘Gold & Silver’ finds Vann Music taking on a definite New Order influence, as the track’s early pulse of synth shimmer with the mid-80’s sheen opening both the band’s style and production into new territory. Resulting in the band’s best work to date.

Click above to watch the video for ‘Gold & Silver’ by Vann Music. The single itself is due for release on November 7th.

Produced & Directed by: Greg Corcoran (
Director of Photography: JJ Rolfe (
Make Up Artist: Lorcan Devaney (@lorcansface)
Editor/Graphics/Grade: Greg Corcoran
Associate Producer: JR Doyle (
Sound Technician: JR Doyle (
Camera Assistant: Brian Murphy
Production Assistants: Jarlath Finnegan, Elaine Corcoran
OnSet Stills: Jarlath Finnegan / Tim Whelan (

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