The Mixed Tape | September Girls – Veneer

September Girls

This week’s addition to The Mixed Tape comes from September Girls with their brand new track ‘Veneer’.

Bursting with the September Girls powerful melding of melody, rhythm and noise ‘Veneer’ introduces a new, more menacing aspect to the band’s sound.

Populated by great dynamic builds that support the noise-pop core of the music, the song also brings the group’s ability to write hook-laden vocal passages engulfed in harsh harmonic textures to the fore.

Indeed with their brilliant debut album Cursing the Sea less than a year old, September Girls are moving quickly to build on the strong foundation the record established.

‘Veneer’ works as an immediate portrait of the group’s sound, showcasing that the five-piece have spent the interim since Cursing the Sea’s release not only touring the L.P. but also re-defining their music.

Aggressive, urgent and impactful the track introduces new aspects to September Girls’ sound while still maintaining the stand-out characteristics that make the band so unique.

Whether or not the forthcoming E.P. will be transitional record that bridges the gap to the Dublin act’s sophomore album remains to be seen, however ‘Veneer’ is a promising glimpse into the very apparent and fully realized progression of one of Ireland’s most engaging bands.

It is for these reasons that ‘Veneer’ by September Girls is this week’s addition to The Mixed-Tape. The song’s parent E.P. of the same name is due out on November 24th via Fortuna Pop! (EU) and Kanine Records (US).

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