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Imploded View – Coburn Days

Coburn Days EP cover

Imploded View makes a undeniably danceable electro record with his new E.P. Coburn Days.

From the outset of Coburn Days the retro 80’s gleam of the Imploded View’s sound produces an irresistibly infectious aesthetic to the E.P.

Songs such as the record’s title-track groove and bounce with sheer joyous abandon while ‘Flutter Funk’ is a tapestry of glitching electro-pop hooks.

Indeed, the E.P. does have a pop influenced core to it that makes Coburn Days move and progress sonically. These leanings come most clearly to the fore with ‘Blinglebot’.

What forms the sonic backbone of Coburn Days is the music’s interchanging elements. Wrapping themselves around funk-laden syncopated beats the synth parts intertwine and merge into one another to create an ever-evolving sound that characterises the entire record.

However, while this approach does capture the attention, it can result in the E.P sounding like it’s flicking through ideas and sounds perhaps too quickly without ever properly giving them time to resonate the listener. Making the record feeling a little too urgent.

Coburn Days is richly vibrant piece of electro-pop. Pulsing, bouncing and jolting from track to track the E.P has an unstoppable forward motion that demands to be listened from start to finish. An unexpected gem.

Rating: 8/10

Coburn Days by Imploded View is out now.

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