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Slow Skies – Keepsake

Keepsake EP

Slow Skies

Slow Skies deliver an alternative-pop gem with their gorgeous new E.P. Keepsake.

‘Icefield’ sets the glistening ethereal tone of Keepsake from the outset. Crashing percussive hits rattle and recede into the recordings open backdrop, establishing the vast production aesthetic of the E.P. and the hushed up-close nature of the vocal.

Using these two elements to create a foreground and a background sonically, Slow Skies fill the middle ground howling melody, scratching textures and subtle pops and clicks of shimmering synth flourishes.

Instilling this foundation with dynamic aspect, the intense screeching lifts that populate ‘Bodies’ gives the E.P. an added sonic dimension to draw from. While the instrumental beauty of the title-track gives Keepsake a gentle introspective passage to recover with.

Leading into the jolting, up-tempo release of ‘Fade Away’ the E.P. comes to a cohesive and tonally satisfying close, resulting in a record that has a defined beginning, middle and end.

In terms of over-arching sound, the record threads together softly conveyed repose with great swells of harmony with all the intricate craft of a band way beyond their years. The sheer depth of field found within the boundless landscape of Keepsake is stunningly maintained throughout and for that alone Slow Skies must be commended.

Indeed with such a bold imposing sound behind them it would be easy for Slow Skies to become engulfed by the layers of harmonic density and sonic weight. However the group use this large-scale sound to support the lyrical and emotive core of the songs themselves, never letting the production stray into top-heavy territory.

Keepsake is a record steeped in isolated atmosphere, vast serene soundscapes and heartbreaking mood. Beautifully produced and performed the E.P. contains moments of pure musical brilliance. Big, stylish and dynamic this five-track release covers immense ground in terms of emotion, while keeping the tone cohesive. Breath-taking.

Rating: 10/10

Keepsake by Slow Skies is out now.

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