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Little Xs For Eyes – Love Gets Lost

Indie six-piece Little Xs For Eyes have unveiled the music video for their latest single ‘Love Gets Lost’.

Directed by Alan Butler, the video for ‘Love Get’s Lost’ is a irrepressibly creative and inventive take on the medium that turns-up the green screen effect dial in a way that feels fun and stylised.

Indeed the vibrancy and ever evolving nature of the visuals move quickly through colourful arrays to mirrored images in blink of an eye, and the fact that Butler can take this highly effected approach to the video and still convey the vivid indie-pop sound of Little Xs For Eyes new single is something of a magic trick by the director.

Through a unique and bold music video that pays-off completely, ‘Love Gets Lost’ get the perfect accompaniment that translates the infectious personality of the song itself. All of which results in the overall aesthetic of the piece feeding into the joyous indie-pop characteristics of the band’s music.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Love Get’s Lost’. The single itself is out now.

Video by Alan Butler
Live filming by Rory Gavin & Alan Butler

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