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Dublin indie-pop act Storyfold will celebrate the release of their sophomore album It’s Later Than You Think with a show at the Button Factory this Friday, September 26th. We speak to band member Paddy McKenna about their new record.

“We really knew what we wanted to do this time around” says McKenna about making It’s Later Than You Think in comparison to their 2011 debut Rocket Science. “We were in a rush to get it out with the first record, but we took our time with this album.”

“We immediately regretted the track listing on Rocket Science” Paddy admits. “This time we had longer to think about it and work on the music. So we knew which song would go where on the album before we even got to that stage”. 

Indeed, in the 3 years since Rocket Science Storyfold have continued to build and refine their sound, drafting in acclaimed producer Ger McDonnell (U2, Manic Street Preachers, the Cure). “I think this album shows development in terms of both the music and lyrics. Having Ger there was brilliant. He’s a real student of music with such a great ear… and a collection of  great vintage synths too (laughs). He really got stuck into the album”.

It’s Later Than You Think also sees the Dublin five-piece to explore different moods and themes in their music. “Emotionally ‘The End of Youth’ is the darkest song on the album. We’ve had a lot of songs in a major key before that (laughs). But I think it shows how far we’ve come”.

“It’s restrained and menacing, with a proper atmosphere to it” McKenna continues. “It came out exactly how I wanted it too. I remember we were recording the solo and Michael (Fortune) went in and did this amazing first take, it had so much noise in it you could hear every creak from the guitar. When he came back into the control room to me and Ger, he said he wanted to do another take but we said “no, it’s perfect”. He went in and did another just in case, but we all knew that the first one was the one”.

With the band gearing up to launch It’s Later Than You Think at the Button Factory this Friday, Paddy speaks about how Storyfold’s new album translates to a live setting. “Most of these songs started life as live track and were then brought into the studio. So they’re a really good representation of our live sound. Actually someone came up to me after hearing the new single ‘The Lost and Lonely” and they said how delighted they were that the CD version matched the build we do during the live versions”.

This connection of debuting new music live has also led to songs being added to the album, with the track ‘Michael’ being one example. “It really resonates with people. Lyrically it’s very heart on sleeve as well and I think the idea of the song is universal too. So that way people really connect with it”.

Tickets to see Storyfold live at the Button Factory on Friday, September 26th are priced at €10 via & The album It’s Later Than You Think will be released on the same day.

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