Listen | Dissolutes stream new single ‘Past Abandoned’

Irish blues-rock influenced band Dissolutes are currently streaming their upcoming single ‘Past Abandoned’.

Centred around the group’s alternative-rock meets blues style, ‘Past Abandoned’ has a large-scale sound and feel that merges this sound into one cohesive whole that has it’s roots in the grunge of Soundgarden.

Moving from dynamic lifts to sudden drops, the single swaggers and shimmers with full-on guitar parts and heavy percussion that keeps a persistent beat for the music to expand upon.

A piece of well-crafted alternative-rock, the Dissolutes sound is fully realised, hard-hitting and impactful. A intently driven glimpse into the four-piece, ‘Past Abandoned’ is a attention grabbing lead into the band’s forthcoming studio album, which is due for release in early 2015.

Click below to listen to Dissolutes brand new single ‘Past Abandoned’. ‘Past Abandoned’ by Dissolutes will be released via independent label FIFA Records on September 29th.

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