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Shookrah – W O M A N

Cork based R&B outfit Shookrah have unveiled the music video for their new single ‘W O M A N’, taken from their upcoming E.P. Implicit Content.

A vibrant, swaggering video that more than matches the upfront funk and soul elements that core the music, the visuals for ‘W O M A N’ feature intently held close-up shots of the band singing along to the hook-laden, vigorous choruses.

Indeed the entire vide, created by Emmet O’Riabhaigh and Patrick Sheahan, captures the people within these close-up shots perfectly. Giving a sense of individuality to each person and instilling the independent concept of the music and the video.

An up-tempo infectiously produced introduction to Shookrah’s attention grabbing sound, ‘W O M A N’ bustles with all the confidence of great R&B music. Catchy hooks, grooving rhythm and powerfully performed vocals all make the single an exciting glimpse into the band’s forthcoming E.P.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘W O M A N’ by Shookrah. The single & E.P. itself are out on October 13th.

Music video produced by: Emmet O’Riabhaigh and Patrick Sheahan.
Starring: Britney Thomas Carter, Senita Appiakorang, Imelda Cormican and Lasserina Rath.

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