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Groom – Colours

Indie-pop act Groom have unveiled their new music video for the band’s latest single ‘Colours’.

Directed by Nicky Coghlan, the vibrant primary colour dominated visual palette of the video is filled fun, upbeat imagery of arts and craft school experiments, food and full screen flashes that burst from the screen and match the upfront pop sensibilities of Groom’s new single.

A rhythmic, jolting piece of lyric driven indie-pop ‘Colours’ is shining example of Groom’s ability to write succinct indie-pop that has a deep sense of craft, melody and percussion. The single also works as the perfect encapsulation of the overall sound of its parent album Bread and Jam (click here to read the Last Mixed Tape’s review).

A fun, vibrant blend of visual and musical elements the music video for ‘Colours’ translates the tone of Groom’s current single in a way that feels creative and well-crafted.

Click above to watch the new video for ‘Colours’ by Groom. The single itself is out now as a free download via bandcamp.

Director: Nicky Coghlan

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