MynameisjOhn & God Knows feat. MuRli – Live in Unit-1 studios

The Live at Unit-1 series returns with an electric performance from MynameisjOhn & God Knows featuring MuRli.

Wasting little time the sheer force of rhythm and urgency found in the trio’s performance is awesome. Backed by frantically building melodic beats and driven froward by lightning fast delivery by God Knows and MuRli.

A bustling bursting performance of great creativity and talent, the separate styles of each performer is brought together by the equally rhythmical visuals shot by Laura Sheeran.

Flickering, flashing and frantic the camera cuts sharply from atmospheric low-lighting to glaring shuddering images that move to the powerful pace of the performance that it captures.

Fitting the eclectic and evolving sound of the three artists’ brilliantly timed and seamless live performance, the video keeps in step with the sudden changes in dynamic and feel visually through several deeply creative flourishes of camera work and lighting.

A stellar return to the Live at Unit-1 series, MynameisjOhn, God Knows and MuRli simply and intently grab the attention and never let go for the full 7 minutes of unbridled and infectious musicality.

Click above to watch MynameisjOhn & God Knows featuring MuRli perform live in Unit-1 studios Dublin filmed/edited by Laura Sheeran and recorded/mixed by Marc Aubele. Click here to watch other videos from the series.

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