Listen | Katie Kim streams new track ‘Wide Hand’

(Photo: Ivana Patarčić)

(Photo: Ivana Patarčić)

Songwriter Katie Kim has unveiled a new track entitled ‘Wide Hand’.

From the opening persistent bars of piano, to the resonant air of the music Katie Kim returns with a track that contains the heavy brooding atmosphere and deftly structured production that made her previous two albums (Twelve and Cover & Flood) so captivating.

Performed with a slow-burning mood and supported by a tonally ominous undercurrent that appears and recedes into the artist’s characteristically vast, yet somehow claustrophobic soundscape, ‘Wide Hand’ convey’s the defined songwriting talent of Katie Kim.

An alluring glimpse in what could be the tone and feel of Kim’s upcoming third studio album, this latest release showcases the immense and intricately interwoven sound of Ireland’s most uncompromising, irrepressibly singular and important artists. A very welcome and hypnotic return from the ever-brilliant Katie Kim.

Click below to listen to Katie Kim’s new song ‘Wide Hand’.

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