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Sleep Thieves – Tusk (live)

Dublin trio Sleep Thieves recently performed their track ‘Tusk’ for Press Record live in Asylum studios. 

The ominous closing track (hidden track ‘Casio Lover tune’ notwithstanding) to Sleep Thieves stunning new album You Want The Night, ‘Tusk’ carries with it all the sonic density and thematic weight that the record covers in its atmospheric course.

Losing none of its potency during live performance, Sleep Thieves deftly captured the essence and inherent drama of the track that just simply seems to flow from the undeniably talented musicians.

Giving a glimpse into the ethereal experience emanated by Sleep Thieves during their live shows recently the Press Record session, stylishly filmed by director Bob Gallagher, is a hypnotic and beguiling introduction to the group for those unfamiliar with the band’s music and a clear affirmation of their brilliance for those who are.

Click above to watch Sleep Thieves perform ‘Tusk’ live at Asylum studios, Dublin. To watch more video from the Press Record series click here.

Robin Ball ‘Mixermanhattan’ – Producer/Engineer
Stephen Caffrey – Assistant Engineer/Guitar Tech
Bob Gallagher – Director/Camera
John Barker – Additional Camera

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