Featuring X & Traivs Oaks to present W!zard Radio’s ‘Show:Me’

Travis Oaks

Irish indie acts Featuring X and Travis Oaks have been confirmed as part of the line-up of acts to host W!zard Radio’s Show: Me.

Show: Me is a new programme that will look to connect music lovers and fans with artists from a myriad of genres in real-time, allowing the acts to showcase their music and personalities in a new more interactive way.

Speaking about the addition of both Featuring X and Travis Oaks to the line-up, W!zard Radio CEO James Gilmore stated:

When I first met Featuring X at the tail end of last year and they blew me away. They are totally girl-power, which listeners will love, and always put their unique, cheeky spin on everything which makes them the craziest bunch of talented girls I’ve ever met! There’s no worry as to whether Featuring X will cause a party at the Station – I know they’ll bring it if it isn’t here waiting for them!”

Travis Oaks are simply a group of guys who make great music, and that’s what I love most about them. They don’t put anything before their music and that’s why they are on so many radars as being the ‘next big thing’ that this industry needs. They really freshen up the rock music scene and are insanely creative and Show:Me will put our listeners in contact with this great bunch of lads who know how to have a good time.”

Katie Hogan from NuMu promotions (who represent both bands) added about the announcement:

“This really was a perfect fit for both acts, who are delighted to be involved. Our ethos at NuMu is about creating a community within music while dissolving this idea of competition. Show:Me gives upcoming artists the opportunity to support other upcoming artists. We know Featuring X and Travis Oaks both aim to select and play only Irish music with hope to introduce some of Ireland’s most loved acts to a whole new audience.”

The Irish duo will join an international bill of artists who will also present the show including Beth McCarthy (UK), Caleb Hyles (USA) and Kenny Foster (USA).

Show: Me will launch on Friday 5th September with shows from Ireland broadcast from on 26th September, 31st October, 7th November, 12th December, 9th January.

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