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Kodakid – Dirty Like Rock N Roll

Waterford based indie-rock group Kodakid have released their new music video ‘Dirty Like Rock ‘N’ Roll’.

Directed by Elijah Egan and produced by Seven Figure films, the video takes a surreal aesthetic that follows a trio of characters in rabbit costumes running around Dublin’s city centre.

Playing the visual juxtaposition of the costumes against the urban environment and some well textured cinematography from D.O.P Myles Shelly, the cast and crew’s work results in several brilliantly composed shots, including a quick nod to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. As the setting moves to the beach front finale the closing twist in the tail feels unexpected and thought out.

Set to the urgent indie-rock sound of Kodakid’s single ‘Dirty Like Rock ‘N’ Roll’ the music video fits the jolting rhythm and melodic core of the song and indeed the band’s recent self-titled L.P, released earlier this year.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Dirty Like Rock ‘N’ Roll’ by Kodakid. The song’s parent album is out now, read the Last Mixed Tape’s review here.

Seven Figure Films – Production Company
Elijah Egan – Writer/Director
Myles Shelly – Director of Photography
Caroline Kealy – Producer

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