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Arbutus Yarns presents – A Day Well Spent With Peter Doran

Film-maker Myles O’Reilly (Arbutus Yarns) recently spent the day with singer-songwriter Peter Doran shooting live performances of the musician as well as taking a personal look into his day-to-day life.

Filmed with O’Reilly’s characteristically intimate feel and approach, the piece is a unique take on the live music video genre including some interesting locales (including Doran’s grandmother’s house) that take to the viewer closer the performances and the performers themselves.

Featuring renditions of ‘Little Room’ and ‘Tug’ from the Peter Doran’s latest album Outlines, the visuals capture the songwriter’s serene style perfectly. Seen most effectively in the hazy countryside setting for ‘Tug’, O’Reilly’s camera work progresses the live performances with held natural imagery and behind the scenes footage that further the inclusive feel of the video.

A brilliantly blended coupling of visuals, music and location, the video gives a closer look into Peter Doran as a songwriter and artist. Shot with Myles O’Reilly’s singular ability to capture the more intimate side of live music performance, A Day With Peter Doran is an inventive and creative take on the music video.

Click above to watch Arbutus Yarns presents: A Day Well with Peter Doran. The songwriter’s new album Outlines is out now.

Filmed by: Arbutus Yarns (

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