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The Mixed-Tape | The #1s – Sharon Shouldn’t

The Number Ones

In this edition of our song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape  we turn our attention to the #1s and their song ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’.

The stand-out track in the #1s impressive self-titled début album, released last week, ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’ is strident piece of garage-rock at it’s finest.

Moving from a lo-fi introduction to a sudden burst of rhythm and thrashing guitar, the track covers a broad spectrum sonically while also staying close to its garage and punk influences.

Propelled forward by a frantically building percussive and melodic core the song captures all the energy of the Dublin band’s sound and current album.

Working as a foundation for the track to move from, a vibrant line-up of hook-laden sections intertwine themselves into the structure of ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’ alluding to the #1s pop-sensibilities.

The #1s are a group with a definite sense of their sound and an ability to define themselves within a genre currently in danger of becoming overwrought by post-modernist irony and repetition.

Successfully avoiding these clichés, the band imbue the music with enough of their own character and identity to bring something different to the garage-rock scene. With ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’ working as the perfect encapsulation of that approach.

It is for these reasons that ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’ by the #1s is this week’s addition to The Mixed-Tape. The song’s parent album The Number Ones, is out now (read our review here). To read previous additions to the feature click here or you can listen to all the tracks via our Spotify playlist

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