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Corrina Jaye – Gold

Alternative-pop artist Corrina Jaye has released her new music video for the single ‘Gold’.

Directed by Ovie Etseyatse, the video for ‘Gold’ takes a deeply visual approach. Using brilliantly executed and designed body art coupled with effectively choreographed dance the video moves and sways in time with the electro tinged sound of Corrina Jaye’s music.

Symmetry and detail populate the camera’s focus, while the visual effects work to meld imagery and physicality together leading to several interesting visual flourishes.

An interesting piece with some good use of creative styles and artistic disciplines, the video for ‘Gold’ provides a well-crafted visual accompaniment to Corrina Jaye’s electro-pop sound.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Gold’ from Corrina Jaye. The single itself is out now.

Director // DOP // Editor: Ovie Etseyatse
Dancers: Foxe P Cox and Marcin Miller
Dance Choreographer: Lisette Kroll of Tribe Dance Studios
Chief MUA (of Face FX Make up Supplies): Christine Penston
Hair/ Styling: Cristina Save
MUA’s: Nike Buji, Zoe Clarke, Mary Loughrey, Nadine Byrne, Sarah Young, Kirsty Kinsella
Photography and Set Gaffer: Catherine Devitt and Rich Costelloe
Concept: Corrina Jaye
Location: Pigeon House Studios

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