Mmoths streams new track ‘Santo’


Ambient-electronic artist Mmoths has revealed his latest track ‘Santo’, his first new material in over six months.

Posted with the promise of more music to follow, ‘Santo’ contains all the atmospheric depth and sense of place that the Kildare-based producer has become known for.

Heavily populated by washing synth textures and engulfed by distance harmonies, Mmoths latest work has a defined background, middle-ground and foreground. Pulsing with a slow-burning beat the song is an exciting sign of things to come from the artist.

In a broader context, Mmoths return to the Irish music scene after a brief hiatus is a welcome one indeed. This country has become a vibrant centre for all things creative with artists working and collaborating in a rich array of genres. Having such a unique musician back can only bring forth more inspiration and ideas to an already bustling art scene.

Click below to listen to Mmoths latest track ‘Santo’.

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