The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow to return to Electric Picnic

Jerry Fish

The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow is set to return to the Electric Picnic music festival this year.

With the line-up and stage announcements continuing to build in the run up to this year’s Electric Picnic the news that Jerry Fish ,one of the country’s most energetic and eclectic performers, will take his acclaimed Electric Sideshow provides an added vibrant, irrepressibly creative dimension to the event.

Included in the line-up for the carnival-esque arena will be the indie-legend himself as well as Camille O’Sullivan, Richard Egan, The Frank & Walters, The Lost Brothers, R.S.A.G., Interskalactic, All The Luck In The World, I’m Your Vinyl, The Kilo 1977, Shir Madness, Foxy P Cox, The Pony Girls, Crow Black Chicken, John Blek & The Rats, Brian Deady, Chanele McGuinness and many more. The show will be followed by after hours DJ set from Together Disco.

A definite highlight in the Electric Picnic bill, the Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow will be sure to deliver a powerful mix of artistic styles. For more information on the Electric Sideshow visit

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