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GANGS – Daisy

Dublin indie-rock outfit GANGS have unveiled their new music video for ‘Daisy’ taken from their upcoming début E.P. Back to School.

Directed by Gansee films and propelled by the raucous sound GANGS, the video’s black and white aesthetic and Dublin city setting perfectly captures the raw tone of the band’s indie-rock style.

Containing visual and stylistic flourishes comparable to Small Time and This Is England director Shane Meadows, the camera work intently follows its central character around his neighbourhood as he counts down the days to an unknown point. While also making money through various ambiguous, shady methods as his behavior starts to spiral out of control.

Through some clear juxtaposition and foreshadowing the narrative seems to be leading one-way but then suddenly provides a slight twist in the tail that puts the young boy’s character-arc into perspective.

Through an effectively set concept and stunningly produced overall aesthetic, Gansee films capture the essence of GANGS powerful and grounded sound. A brilliant merging of musical and visual styles.

Click above to watch the video for ‘Daisy’ by GANGS. The song’s parent E.P. Back to School is due for release on September 26th via Reekus Records.

Directed by: Gansee Films

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