The Hot Sprockets documentary Fund:it campaign

A Fund:it campaign has been set up by Irish film-maker NOB for an upcoming documentary about Dublin blue-rock band the Hot Sprockets.

It has been a momentous year for the Hot Sprockets so far, the release of their sophomore album Brother Nature was met with wide-spread acclaim (not least of all from the Last Mixed Tape: review here) and the group will soon embark on a tour of the United States with fellow indie-rock act Cold Comfort.

To document the occasion and the gathering momentum around the Dublin five-piece as a whole, Cherry Popper Productions has set up a Fund:it campaign to continue filming the band as they make their first steps into the American music scene.

An important and entirely worthwhile project, the documentation of one of Ireland’s most promising bands as they go through a year of countless landmarks and breakthroughs will be something the entire Irish music scene could benefit from experiencing.

The campaign has all the usual rewards for donations, including some more usual ones too. All of which can be seen at the campaign’s Fund:it page here.

Speaking about the project the director states:

“Having known the guys in The Hot Sprockets for over ten years, and seeing how far they have come, I decided to embark on my own journey of capturing and documenting the intimate world of the band. From day one they have worked tirelessly to carve their own path through the music industry. Their commitment to what they do is truly inspiring. The music they create is simple, infectious and fueled by passion. The love they have for their friends and family is the formula for creating community, something greatly needed in our world today.

This documentary will capture all of the aspects of what it takes to do what they do. The bands journey to The United States and Canada will open up a new chapter for The Hot Sprockets, not only in the lives of these men, but also for all the people who have followed and supported them throughout the years.”

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