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Ghost Estates – In Your Dreams

Dublin based alternative-rock outfit Ghost Estates recently unveiled their latest music video for the single ‘In Your Dreams’.

Created by Second Frame Films, and taking on the grindhouse and exploitation cinema aesthetic of the 70’s, the video for ‘In Your Dreams’ has a grainy grime laden quality to it that stylistically matches Ghost Estates vivid blend alternative-rock and electro-pop.

Delivered by with a highly stylized visual, the video is populated by tensely lit and effectively composed cinematography that captures the specific look and feel of the genre films it borrows from.

Coupled with some brilliant use of the saturated palette and overall mood, the ‘In Your Dreams’ music video is populated by some evocative imagery underscored by the driving, harmonically howling sound of Ghost Estates sonically dense sound and vast production aesthetic.

A stunningly realized concept with well-handled production design and camera work, the video for ‘In Your Dreams’ captures the broad spectrum of Ghost Estates infectious music.

Click above to watch the video for ‘In Your Dreams’ by Ghost Estates. The single itself is out now.

Video by: Second Frame Films

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