Ian O’Doherty & Darragh Cullen to play the Harbour Bar

Ian O'Doherty

Ian O’Doherty & Darragh Cullen are set to play the Harbour Bar in Bray on Thursday, August 7th.

The upcoming performances from alternative-rock artist Ian O’Doherty and indie musician Daragh Cullen will come as part of the AMA Emerging tour. And with two acts with such distinct styles to their songwriting approach being showcased, both Doherty and Cullen’s sets will be sure to provide an interesting glimpse into their talents.

With several shows due for the Bray venue and other locales around the country, the tour aims to bring more  exposure to the bands being featured such as White Chalk, Otherkin, Red Empire, Fresh Re, Ian O’Doherty, Marvell DVO, Color Sound, Cat Dowling, Jemson Green, Sample Answer, Fox Jaw, Children Of The Son, Toy Soldier and MAI.

AMA Emerging Tour Dates:

Darragh Cullen & Ian O D – August 7th
Children Of The Son & Sample Answer – August 28th
Otherkin & Color//Sound – September 11th
Red Empire & Fox Jaw – September 25th

For more information on Ian O’Doherty & Darragh Cullen show at the Harbour Bar, Bray on August 7th visit the event’s Facebook page or

Click below to watch Daragh Cullen’s music video for ‘Woven’.

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