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Red Queen Contest – Whelan’s Upstairs

Red Queen Contest

Alternative-rock act Red Queen Contest took to the stage in Whelan’s last Thursday night to deliver a set of dynamic weight and textural brilliance.

Performing at the Dublin venue in support of their self-titled début album and new single ‘One and the Same’, Red Queen Contest cut the figure of band brimming with confidence in their music and live performance.

In a show populated by sudden great waves of distorted guitar, vocal harmony and thrashing percussion offset by calm, ominous sections of serenity, the group worked together to the craft gig in such a way that these occurrences gave a sense of aspect dynamically to the night.

Whether it was the sheer force of ‘Houdini Hexes’, the swaggering groove of ‘Rabbits’ Feet’ or the calmly building atmosphere of ‘One and the Same’ Red Queen Contest imbued each note, each moment and each movement with a clear passion and feel for the music.

With the audience captured within the beauty of deftly performed washing textural moments or shaken by unexpected jumps in level and mood, Red Queen Contest weaved their distinct sound around the Whelan’s crowd with relative ease.

A simply impressive display of Red Queen Contest’s core sound and diversity in sound (seen most effectively in a raucous performance of ‘Eiderdown’) the band translated the large-scale feel and mood of their latest album in a set that evolved and expanded on the record with moments of dynamic heft.

Watch the music video for Red Queen Contest’s new single ‘One & The Same’.

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