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Exploding Eyes – I Panic

Progressive rock ‘n’ roll influenced group Exploding Eyes have unveiled their latest music video for ‘I Panic’.

Capturing the sheer force of sound behind Exploding Eyes music, the band’s new video plays with light and shadow as the trio perform illuminated by the glow of shimmering projections. While the visuals frantically cut from scene to scene mirroring the joyous pace of the song itself.

Interspersed with off-kilter imagery that offsets the straight-up performance aesthetic of the video’s central mise en scène, more ominous imagery fixates and augment these inter-cut visuals and splice themselves seamlessly into the core mood of the video. While also providing an eery calm that juxtaposes the music’s manic tempo.

‘I Panic’ showcases the visceral weight of Exploding Eyes all-encompassing sound. Driven rhythms, gritty guitar and swaggering, confident vocals ensure a sense of intent and edge that keeps the song sounding relevant and raw.

An exciting audio and visual glimpse into the band’s sound, the video for ‘I Panic’ perfectly translates the urgency and uncompromising approach.

Click above to watch Exploding Eyes new music video for the song ‘I Panic’.

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