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Carriages – Fumbally Cafe


In a night that felt like the culmination of hard-work and time Carriages celebrated the release of their new double A-side single ‘Roots/Significant Landscapes’ in the beautifully scenic Fumbally cafe.

Taking place in the large yet intimately cast surrounds of Fumbally cafe, the Homebeat hosted event provided the perfect setting for a night of intricately performed music and rhythmically delivered spoken word.

With poet John Cummins’ personal, expressionistic take on the spoken word genre opening the show with a charming and often humorously detailed performance followed by a captivating and simply engrossing set from the brilliant Maria Somerville the eclectic, creative tone of the gig was established even before Carriages took to the stage.

Caught in the haze of projected light, Carriages began to weave the syncopated percussion and rhythmical synth elements around Aaron Page’s soaring vocal echoed and reverberated within the walls of the Fumbally cafe as those in attendance sat enthralled by the duo’s deftly conveyed music.

Renditions of ‘Iron & Fire’ and ‘Warm In Winter’ showcased the depth of field and mood that Carriages captured in their début E.P last year with the live performance expanding and augmenting the tracks into the overall mood of the set and the night itself.

In a show populated heavily with great flourishes of brilliant melody and infectious beats, there seemed to be something beyond the standard single launch aesthetic evolving. Gradually the show seemed to be a true celebration, a cathartic experience where in Carriages first headline show in Dublin clearly meant a lot to the musicians, and in turn this feeling of occasion emanated out into the audience who responded in turn.

The pinnacle of this immense, and a times overwhelming feeling of joyous celebration, was an energetic performance of their new single ‘Roots’. With the entire crowd now standing to attention, and in some cases dancing (in a rare move I briefly joined in before self-consciousness got the better of me), the celebratory mood of the night hit its peak as both Bookless and Page, clearly enjoying the moment of accomplishment, simply let go and became one with the audiences’ elated response.

Working as the perfect send off before their upcoming Irish tour, Carriages single launch in Fumbally cafe was an event that will live on well in the memory of those lucky enough to be in attendance.

Carriages’ new single ‘Roots/Significant Landscapes‘ is out now. Read our interview with Harry and Aaron here.

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