Princess – Neverlook

Dublin alternative-rock act Princess have unveiled the brilliant new music video for their single ‘Neverlook’.

Directed by Kevin Freeney & Dan Finnegan, the intricate camera work and fixation on detail (particularly in the make-up application scenes) that flows throughout the video perfectly follows the melodically weaving and frantic percussion of Princess’ captivating sound.

The slow-moving pace, serene calm and gentle repose of the stunningly composed cinematography are conveyed through reflection, voyeuristic narrative perspective and a sense of symmetry that offset the more free form feel of ‘Neverlook’.

The inter-cut edit transitions from band members Liam Mesbur and Aoife McCarthy mirrored scenes works also with the large-scale dynamic shifts in the music to give the video a sense of visual rhythm and connection to the music.

A prior addition to the Last Mixed Tape’s song of the week feature (The Mixed-Tape), ‘Neverlook’ is a vibrant display of Princess’ sound that flickers with melodic and harmonic brilliance. Coupled with Freeney and Finnegan’s captivating direction and engaging narrative, the song is given a visual layer that more than matches the powerful meter of the music.

Click above to watch the new music video for ‘Neverlook’ by Princess.

Directed by: Kevin Freeney & Dan Finnegan
Featuring: Liam Mesbur & Aoife McCarthy from Princess.

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