Brigid Power-Ryce to play the Joinery this Friday

Brigid Power-Ryce

Irish singer-songwriter Brigid Power-Ryce is set to perform at the Joinery in Dublin this Friday night, June 27th.

Following Power-Ryce’s breathtaking performance of ‘I Told You The Truth’ filmed as part of Unit-1 studio’s live series of music videos (click here for full review), the musician will return to Dublin this weekend to play a set in the intimate Joinery venue in Arbour Hill.

An artist with a distinct voice and musical style, Brigid Power-Ryce is an exciting songwriter with a powerfully emotive and affecting sound. With the performer’s clear talent soon to begin gathering more and more attention her set this Friday will be the perfect chance to catch the musician in her ascendancy.

Also performing at the Joinery on the night will be Yawning Chasm a.k.a Aaron Coyne and Limerick based songwriter Peter Delaney.

Tickets to see Brigid Power-Ryce, Yawning Chasm & Peter Delaney at the Joinery in Arbour Hill, Dublin 7 this Friday, June 27th are priced at €8/10 with doors at 8pm. For more information visit the events Facebook page.

Click below to watch Brigid Power-Ryce perform ‘I Told You The Truth’ live in Unit-1 studios. Filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele.

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