Breakingtunes Breakingstage HMV July line-up announced

Next months line-up for Breakingtunes Breakingstage in HMV Grafton Street and Belfast has been confirmed today.

The line-up for Breakingtunes’ Breaking stage this July will include Tell No Foxx, Robyn G. Shields, Conor Quinn & the White Chalk, Dani, Ana Gog, Ryan Vail, Carswell & Hope and Wonder Villains.

Supporting new Irish talent, the partnership between FMC and HMV will showcase acts from the former’s self-building music portal with the artist’s releases stacked and stocked in store each week at HMV’s Grafton Street and Donegall Arcade, Belfast branches.

See below for the full timetable of Breakingstage performances. Each show will take place at 1pm.

Breaking Tunes Breakingstage HMV July 2014 line-up:

Friday, July 4th: HMV Grafton Street, Dublin – Tell No Foxx
Saturday, July 5th: HMV Donegall Arcade, Belfast – Robyn G.Shields
Friday, July 11th: HMV Grafton Street, Dublin – Conor quinn & the White Chalk
Saturday, July 12th: HMV Donegall Arcade, Belfast – Dani
Friday, July 18th: HMV Grafton Street, Dublin – Ana Gog
Saturday, July 19th: HMV Donegall Arcade, Belfast – Ryan Vail
Friday, July 25th: HMV Grafton Street, Dublin – Carswell & Hope
Saturday, July 26th: HMV Donegall Arcade, Belfast – Wonder villains

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