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Kammerpop – I’m A Communist Too

Dublin chamber-pop act Kammerpop have unveiled their new music video for the single ‘I’m A Communist Too’.

Directed by Heather Thornton, the fun stop-motion animation aesthetic of the piece coupled with effect use of stock footage capture the theme and overall tone of Kammerpop’s catchy take on the chamber-pop genre.

All found within a copy of Busy at Maths 1 (a workbook all to familiar to some, including myself) Thornton’s inventive, ever-evolving visual approach is engaging and moves to the brass filled, harmony diven sound of ‘I’m A Communist Too’.

The intricate nature and craft behind the visuals that form the the centre of the music video are charming, while also translating the political satire found within the lyrics of the Kammerpop’s latest single.

Bursting will all of Kammerpop’s retro-tinged, jazz and alternative-pop leaning ‘I’m A Communist Too’ gathers together all of the elements into one vibrant example of the band’s singular music. The single itself is available as free download now via bandcamp.

Click above to watch Kammerpop’s new video for ‘I’m A Communist Too’ directed by Heather Thornton.


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