Death In The Sickroom – Tonight

Dublin indie-pop act Death In The Sickroom have unveiled their music video for ‘Tonight’ the lead single from their upcoming E.P Brick To The Face.

A vibrant glimpse at Death In The Sickroom’s sound, ‘Tonight’ jangles and swaggers as the group’s palpable pop-sensibilities shine through with each hook-laden passage, indeed so well composed are these parts that whole verse and choruses could be interchanged without disrupting the catchy aesthetic of the record.

Interweaving guitar melodies push and pull forward as the vivid harmonies of the band’s pure indie-pop leanings boldly and confidently steal focus. Pounding with a suitably boisterous production, ‘Tonight’ is a undeniably infectious single that carries all the hall marks of an “indie gem”.

Directed by Gansee films the accompanying video captures the raucous indie energy of Death In The Sickroom’s début track with its house party setting and swaying camera work.

Click above to watch the music video for Death In The Sickroom’s new single ‘Tonight’. The single itself will be released next month via Irish indie label Reekus Records.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Friday, June 13th – Whealans (Upstairs) with support from The Revellions
Saturday, June 14th – 4 Dame Lane (YouBloom Festival)

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