Activities – Utopia (live)

Electronic music composer Activities is the latest artist to be filmed live in Unit-1 studios, Dublin performing his track ‘Utopia’.

With the starting pulse of deep pounding synthesizer and glistening overtones setting a serene atmosphere tinged with a sense of foreboding ‘Utopia’ percussively drives itself forward through its crackling ambience.

Taking a darker, more ominous tone through the opening of the track’s rhythmical scope, Activities begins to shape the landscape using sudden harsh dynamic lifts that aggressively dominate the piece. Constantly building to an unrelenting visceral, swirling crescendo the electronic artist’s music expands fully into a large dense spectrum of sound.

Flickering, strobing lights meld themselves around the performer as Laura Sheeran’s camera work takes a more intrusive, fixated aesthetic than in previous videos. Moving to focused close-ups and cutting sharply from performer to machine the visuals play with the sonic unease and rumbling tone of ‘Utopia’, conveying the shuddering beats through strong imagery.

A truly affective performance that creates an experience in and off itself, Activities contribution to the Unit-1 live series provides a captivating addition to the eclectic array of artists who have already been filmed.

Click above to watch Activities perform ‘Utopia’ live in Unit-1 studios Dublin. The video itself was filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele. 

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