The Hot Sprockets – Shake Me Off

The Hot Sprockets return with a new music video for the group’s frantically paced blues-rock tinged single ‘Shake Me Off’.

Made by Little Beast, the video for ‘Shake Me Off’ provides a playful, fun accompaniment to the Hot Sprockets’ latest hook-laden release.

Cut to the palpable pounding rhythm of the song, Little Beast’s stylish visuals and production aesthetic add to the infectious feel of the single, finding the perfect tone and mood to coincide with the music.

Several brilliant flourishes of imagery, coupled with the fact that the Hot Sprocket’s clearly had a blast while shooting the video, result in the overall entertaining comedic affect of the piece.

Permeating an overarching blend of creativity and talent, the latest music video from the Hot Sprockets highlights the band’s simply sublime take on the indie-rock genre and further builds anticipation for the release of their forthcoming album Brother Natureas Little Beast films’ deliver a video that engages on every level.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Shake Me Off’ by the Hot Sprockets. The single itself is due out this Friday, May 23rd.

Video by: Little Beast
Dir/Cam/Producing: Esme Pum McNamee & Luke Sweetman
Producer: Jenny Moylan.
Costume Designer: Kate Moylan
Lights & Focus: Sarah Dunphy
Editor: Daniel Butler
Graphics: Peter Madden

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