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Halves will play their last headline set at the Workman’s Club in Dublin on Friday, June 6th before going on hiatus. Band member Brian Cash recently spoke to about the show and the reasons behind the group’s upcoming break.

Halves’ show in the Workman’s next month will be the group’s last before going on hiatus. Why has the band chosen to take a break at this time?

It’s our last full headline show for a while yes. The only reason for the break is that we haven’t taken one in 8 years. We like to keep ourselves busy and we put a great deal of time into making and promoting ‘Boa Howl’ so it’s nice to step into the shadows for a while and enjoy the quiet life. I keep thinking we had a break in between the two albums but then I remember we worked ourselves to the bone doing a live album.

If the gig will be Halves last for a while, do you have anything planned especially for the performance?

We’re going to keep this show nice and simple. We’ve tried more and more ambitious live setups the last few years and the more minimalist shows always end up being more fun. We’ll be giving away some vinyl on the night so there is an incentive I guess.

Considering the expansive sound of your studio work such as Boa Howl, how do Halves go about translating that sound when playing live?

It can be tricky. When we write albums we know before recording which ones we’ll be able to play live and which will never. We don’t mind as that way we haven’t compromised the recordings to suit shows. We can play 6-7 songs from Boa that don’t need much alteration but there are always tricky ones that require multiple brass/string lines. The live versions end up being more energetic once you aren’t too precious about sticking to the record. Halves are three people who always write songs that require 9 people to play them…that’s maybe why we are always so broke

Do you see the group working on a follow-up to Boa Howl soon or will there be a long period of time in between?

No plans as of yet. We’re hoping to try getting into the soundtrack business (any takers?) so hopefully that’d be the next thing. It’d be an opportunity to do something new but sure we’ll see if anything comes of it.

Are there other projects you are preparing to work on?

We’re working on a new song at the moment. It’ll hopefully surface later in the year on vinyl. It’s different from our previous songs in a way we’re trying to keep this one very sparse and concentrate on the vibe of it, without over-crowding it. There are no guitars, strings or piano which would be pretty consistent in our stuff. Sounds nice at the moment at least. We’re playing the Light colour Sound festival in Kilkenny in July and there will be a couple of non-headline shows later in the year…that’ll help keep the rust off for a while.

Tickets to see Halves play the Workman’s Club in Dublin on Friday, June 6th are priced at €10. Doors at 8pm with support from Carriages. For more information visit

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