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I Have A Tribe – Chancery Lane Theatre

I Have A Tribe

I Have A Tribe a.k.a Patrick O’Laoghaire launched his brilliant new E.P Yellow Raincoats within the ambient, intimate setting of the Chancery Lane theatre in Dublin on Friday night.

With the flickering glow of candlelight dancing upon the walls of a sold-out Chancery Lane theatre, songwriter Hilary Woods opened the show delivering a mood setting performance that showcased the artist’s unique take most recently found on her album The River Cry.

With the bustling crowd attentively anticipating I Have A Tribe’s set, the artist opened the show with his deftly performed vocal quietly filling and echoing within the venue’s close quarters, leaving small moments to reverberate and recede as the audience were held in hushed silence.

Moving through powerful renditions of ‘Monsoon’ and the E.P’s title-track ‘Yellow Raincoats’ I Have A Tribe stripped back each song to its essence, translating the emotion and melodically intricate elements through whispered, precise delivery that gave the musician room to move dynamically. Drawing the listener in with each word you could feel those in attendance slightly move forward in their seats, almost to the edge, such was the palpable intimacy of the performance.

Sitting at the piano, his hands moving across the keys in between each song, O’Laoghaire blended a storytelling aspect to the show which was simply charming, and eased the atmosphere to give a fun element to the night. While a brilliant re-imagining of ‘Sugar Man’ by Rodriguez captivated with each note.

Bringing the concert to a close with the tracks, ‘Scandinavia’ and ‘Casablanca’, I Have A Tribe left the audience in no doubt to the depth of talent that created his latest studio E.P and his ability to translate and expand these songs in the live realm.

Imbued with a slow-burning atmosphere and captured within the perfectly cast setting of Chancery Lane theatre, I Have A Tribe’s E.P launch was a very special night indeed, and one that will live on in the memories of those lucky enough to be in attendance.

Yellow Raincoats by I Have A Tribe is out now.

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