The Mixed-Tape | Staring at Lakes – Consanguinea

Staring at Lakes

In this edition of our song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape the spotlight turns to Staring at Lakes’ new single ‘Consanguinea’.

Opening with a serene flicker of guitar, ‘Consanguinea’ slowly comes into focus as the reverberant nature of the recording gradually alludes to the depth of field found within Staring at Lakes’ latest release. Colliding harmonically underneath the foreground of the track this resonating backdrop draws the listener’s attention further into the song both in terms of sound and emotion.

Above the washing melodic tapestry of Consanguinea’s backdrop sits the distinctive lead vocal. Performed with a deft hush, and building dynamically the enchanting calm of the vocal flows with Staring at Lakes post-rock leanings as the percussive and harmonic aesthetic begin to evolve and weave themselves around it.

Containing moments of sheer beauty, this vocal performance eventually opens to full-scale backing harmonies that meld into the aforementioned body of sound that populates the recording’s landscape.

The arpeggiated melodies, broad reverberant sound and stylish production of ‘Consanguinea’ capture Staring at Lakes sound perfectly. Imbued with a slow-burning hush and constantly engrossing, the single is an exciting indication of the group’s clear depth of talent.

It is for these reasons that ‘Consanguinea’ by Staring at Lakes is this weeks addition to The Mixed-Tape. To read the previous additions to the feature click here.

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