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The Dead Heavys – Uptight

Waterford indie-rock act the Dead Heavys have released their new music video for the single ‘Uptight’.

A timely video, the narrative traces the rise and fall of canvassing politician Peader Foyle (played by Conor Donelan). Filmed by Matthew Reilly and Colm Williamson, the fun delivery of the central concept coupled with Donelan’s attention grabbing performance translate the bouncing percussive feel of the Dead Heavys new single perfectly.

Containing several entertainingly awkward moments and nicely paced visual flourishes the video cuts and moves to the rhythm of the band’s powerfully catchy single providing a fun  accompaniment to the Dead Heavys music.

Populated by growling guitar tones, melodically progressing bass and a driving beat the song captures the Dead Heavys indie-rock sound while also alluding to group’s pop sensibilities through hook-laden passages that remain long after listening.

Click above to watch the brand new video to ‘Uptight’ from the Dead Heavys. The single itself is due for release on May 30th.

Video by: Matthew Reilly & Colm Williamson
Starring: Conor Donelan

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