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I’m Your Vinyl – No Regrets

Dublin based alternative-pop duo I’m Your Vinyl have unveiled their new music video for the single ‘No Regrets’ due out on May 16th.

Bathed in a saturated glow, the video glistens to the percussive pounding of I’m Your Vinyl’s latest release. Directed by band member, Ken McHugh the visuals illuminate and fade from soft focus throughout resulting in several flourishes of imagery that are simply beautiful to behold.

Juxtaposed by the more angular, concrete aesthetic of the video’s setting the hazy, surrealist imagery works to offset and add depth to the locale while translating the organic scope of the music.

Pulsing with interwoven rhythmical elements that pop and click within the recordings ever-evolving background I’m Your Vinyl’s new single permeates the duo’s pop sensibilities while also expanding upon them through the moving tapestry that underlines the track.

‘No Regrets’ is a captivating release from the group accompanied by a video that fits the tone and mood of the piece visually.

Click above to watch the new video from I’m Your Vinyl for ‘No Regrets’. The single itself is out on May 16th.

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