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Ana Gog – The Old Haunt

Alternative-rock act Ana Gog have unveiled their new music video for the song ‘The Old Haunt’ taken from the band’s forthcoming E.P Resemblance.

Directed by Luca Truffarelli and brimming with striking imagery, the video’s brooding surrealist narrative set to the rural, grey-sky locale translates Ana Gog’s heavily atmospheric new track.

Leading to several brilliantly composed shots and visuals, Truffarelli and Ricardo Cereser (who worked with the director on the shooting of the video) capture a sense of intrigue and tension to the haunting aesthetic of the piece. Combined with a pair of fine performances from Pat Deery and Philip Connaughton, Connaughton provides a strong screen presence as the mysterious woodland figure, ‘The Old Haunt’ captures a mystical ambience that mirrors the echoing, weaving melodic interplay of Ana Gog’s music.

Formed with an organic backdrop, ‘The Old Haunt’ relates the depth of tone and harmony found within Ana Gog’s sound. A powerful introduction to the band’s upcoming E.P release, entitled Resemblance, the sheer melodic structure of the recording drives the song forward with each passage.

Translated by Truffarelli’s visually arresting direction and surrealist narrative, the blend of Ana Gog and the director’s respective creativity results in a strikingly uneasy video that is simply engrossing.

Click above to watch Ana Gog’s new video for ‘The Old Haunt’. 

Directed by: Luca Truffarelli.
Shot by: Luca Truffarelli and Ricardo Cereser. 
Starring: Pat Deery and Philip Connaughton.
Make-up and costume by: Breena Farrelly.

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