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We Cut Corners – Blue (live)

We Cut Corners are the latest act to be filmed live at Unit-1 studios in Dublin performing the track ‘Blue’ from their stellar sophomore album Think Nothing.

Showcasing the bone rattling force that permeates from We Cut Corners live performance the duo’s pounding rendition of ‘Blue’ brilliantly captures the wide-ranging dynamic aspect of their new album, Think Nothing. Culminating in a ragged beauty the song moves with a percussive weight surrounded in shuddering guitar rhythms.

Mirroring the jolting nature of We Cut Corners powerful interplay, Laura Sheeran’s hand-held camera work, stark lighting and fast edits give the visuals a frantic, impulsive feel. This indeterminacy within the video’s imagery blends with the group’s energetic performance, culminating in a remarkable synthesis of sound and vision that matches the visceral essence of the music.

Another exciting addition to the Unit-1 live series, We Cut Corners provide a thrilling glimpse into how the duo have evolved as a live act in tandem with their latest record Think Nothing. And with forthcoming performances from Sleep Thieves, Jenn Grant and Stephen James it will be interesting to see what each of these acts bring to the series.

Click above to watch We Cut Corners play ‘Blue’ live at Unit-1 studios, Dublin filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele. Read theLastMixedTape’s review of Think Nothing here

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