Nanu Nanu to play Whelan’s

Nanu Nanu

Alien-pop duo Nanu Nanu are set to play the Zebra club in Whelan’s upstairs venue this Thursday, April 24th.

The Dublin based group will play the weekly showcase which will begin at midnight on Thursday.  Since releasing their stunning début album Unit-1 last year, Nanu Nanu’s broad thematic approach to their music infused with a deep sense of sonic depth and aspect is shown most prominently in the record’s stand-out tracks ‘Seahorse’ and ‘Pocket of Gold’.

This diversity in sound and tone translates seamlessly into the duo’s live performances and is expanded upon through an affective use of visuals that mirrors the neon flickering aesthetic of Nanu Nanu’s music. The intimate setting of Whelan’s upstairs venue will provide a perfect setting to experience the all-encompassing aesthetic of the duo’s live show.

Admission to see Nanu Nanu perform in Whelan’s this Thursday (April 24th) is free before 10.30pm after which the club entry fee applies. For more information visit or the events Facebook page.

Click below to watch Nanu Nanu’s latest video for the single ‘Seahorse’ taken from the album Unit-1 which is out now.

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