Ryan Vail – Grow

Derry based electronic artist Ryan Vail has released a new music video for the track ‘Grow’, the title-track of his forthcoming E.P.

Directed by Spiceburger, the visuals play with the serene slow burning pulse of Vail’s latest track. Populated by vast open scenic shots that sweep across the beautifully chosen landscape which almost mirrors the sonic tone and feel of the music itself.

Under atmospheric grey skies Spiceburger’s direction calmly waits and holds on each character’s movements. Giving a deep sense of connection to the emotive meter of ‘Grow’ the visuals and breathtaking imagery begin to move and cut with more intent as the video progresses with subtle uses of percussive edits that follow the rhythmical pops and clicks of Ryan Vail’s music.

With a stunning use of scale and scope Spiceburger’s visual accompaniment to ‘Grow’ gives an organic, grounded dimension to Ryan Vail’s electronic style. As both the music and imagery meld into one another the synthesis between the two work’s perfectly to deliver a piece that is simply engaging.

Click above to watch the video for Ryan Vail’s ‘Grow’ directed by Spiceburger. The song’s parent E.P of the same name will be released on May 5th via Champion Sound Music.


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