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Owensie – Scary Eyes (live)

Singer-songwriter Owensie is the latest artist to be filmed live at Unit-1 studios in Dublin, following recent performances from Linda Buckley and Join Me In The Pines.

Bringing a different aesthetic to the series, Owensie’s solo performance of ‘Scary Eyes’ is captured within the subtle camera work, leaving the brilliantly crafted harmonic nature of the song speak for itself.

Almost hypnotic in its relentless rhythmical meter and hushed vocal, Owensie effortlessly brings forth the melodic beauty of ‘Scary Eyes’ through a swaying delivery that is simply captivating.

As Laura Sheeran’s camera work moves and cuts through the performance, the visuals mirror the close quarter feel of the song. Weaving and flowing around the songwriter the video contains several flourishes of imagery that convey the mesmerizing sound of ‘Scary Eyes’.

Continuing the rich creative vein that has permeated throughout the Unit-1 sessions, Owensie’s live rendition of ‘Scary Eyes’ is cohesive while still evolving the line-up in terms of style and sound. With Sheeran and Aubele’s approach of simply giving each artist a platform to express their art, this performance showcase the palpable talents of the songwriter while adding a subtle visual dynamic to the piece.

Click above to watch Owensie perform ‘Scary Eyes’ live at Unit-1 studio, filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele.

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