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Kantor Tzar Collectif – Red Letter Day (Remix)

Alternative-rock artist Kantor Tzar Collectif has returned with a brilliant remix of Keepers of Doubt track ‘Red Letter Day’.

Following his recent remix of Kodakid’s single ‘Outta Sight’, Kantor Tzar Collectif infuses the piece with a constantly building and weaving harmonic aesthetic. While the frantically pulsing electronic nature of Kantor Tzar’s remix of ‘Red Letter Day’ is also captured in the song’s visually hypnotic video.

Moving to the persistent rhythm of ‘Red Letter Day’, the video’s use of strong imagery and effected visuals mirror the neon shimmering sound of Kantor Tzar Collectif take on Keepers of Doubt’s single. Evolving and augmenting throughout, Sly Heist’s visual accompaniment captures the tone and feel of the music while expanding upon these elements.

Working as a truly individualistic remix of the source material, Kantor Tzar Collectif re-imagines the tracks sonic aesthetic while maintaining the song’s core characteristics found within Keepers of Doubt’s original recording.

Click below to watch the video for Kantor Tzar Collectif’s remix of ‘Red Letter Day’ from Keepers of Doubt. The remix is out now and available here.

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